NFL Picks - Week 1 Thursday

Houston at Kansas City


There was a moment this past winter when I knew that life would never be the same again. Our world was about to change. By now you know what I’m talking about: the 15 minutes or so on January 12th when it looked like we were going to have an all AFC South title game between the Texans and Titans. I’m not certain, but I have to assume that the league would have reworked the schedule to make it the first ever Thursday night conference championship game. Of course, the Chiefs promptly erased Houston’s 24-0 lead by halftime of their divisional round playoff game, and went on to win it all. But for a brief, glorious moment it seemed like 2020 could be a truly magical year. As it is, we’re currently late in the third quarter of one of the worst years on the books. Will 2020 rally for the same kind of come from behind win that propelled Kansas City to its first championship win in 50 years? Maybe if we change quarterbacks. But hey, enough wallowing. Football is back, and not a moment too soon! Or, well, maybe it’s way too soon ... But what am I gonna do, not watch? Get real ya dingbat. I expect the Chiefs to win, and the 16,000 fans in attendance to go wild! Mainly due to the anxiety caused from being around that many other people.

Chiefs 31-21

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