NFL Picks - Week 3 Thursday

Miami at Jacksonville

Last week when I first saw the commercial promoting this as the Thursday Night match-up I thought the league would be better off advertising it with a simple full screen graphic that read “There will be an NFL game on next Thursday. Does it really matter who the teams are? Just tune in.” And that’s it. No music or sound of any kind, just 30 seconds of that on the screen. But after watching these teams play their respective games in Week 2 I gotta say, I’m pretty jazzed for Phins/Jags. These teams have just the right amount of friskiness and are lacking just the right amount of competence to make for a highly entertaining affair. Come on, Fitzmagic vs. Minshew Mania? With those two QBs at the helm this game should be aired exclusively on Sling TV. I can guarantee there will be more interceptions than effs given (or at the very least it will be a tie). If the total points end up under 50 you have my permission, nay, encouragement to stop reading this blog forever. JUST KIDDING! Please don’t leave! I was trying to be brazen like Fitzpatrick and Minshew but I didn't dare approach their level. I’m a fraud! (Loud sobbing ...) Anyway, this should be a fun one!

Jaguars 31-29