New Posts!!!!

Alrighty! I've got some exciting plans on how to save this site! AND one BIG surprise...

The surprise is they aren't really exciting.

- Still looking forward to the Mustacheer post of the week. But we haven't reeeeeeallly had any submissions. Seriously, send it in and I'll post it. Unless it's a pic of Favre's cock. HI-O!!!!

- Think we'll also be introducing a YouTube clip of the week. Probably sports related. I dunno. That'll at least spam some content on here. Christ.

- Finally a new segement called:

"Shit that made me laugh at the gym today"

I'm at the gym... a lot... obviously. But I hate the douchebags who post stuff all over facebook about the times they're at the gym. Real studs BLOG about it.

Anyway... today: Saw some guy rolling around on one of those big balls people use for situps. I guess he was stretching, but he looked, moved, and sounded like a vampire that had just been staked. I don't know what this cat's deal was, but I ran to the other side of the gym when it started and could still hear it. Almost felt bad for him. Sounded like PAIN. Anyway, an employee ultimately came up to him and I think kicked him out, cuz he left right after their chat.


Have a great week Mustacheers!

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