Pop Quiz Time!!

What do Mike McCarthy, Norv Turner, and Mike Martz have in common?

(This is where knowing how to utilize the "read more" function would come in handy)

McCarthy - had the best coaching start in the history of the Green Bay Packers, besting some dude named Lombardi. Took GB to the NFC Title game in his 2nd year (no need to discuss how they got there)

Turner - took San Diego to the AFC title game in his 1st year, has won the AFC West every year he has been their Head Coach

Martz - We all know about this a-hole. Greatest show on turf blah blah blah. When he left the Rams his team's averaged the most points per game in NFL History. He is now offensive coordinator in Chicago and undefeated.

any guesses.............

here is a hint: it has nothing to do with Pete Carrol and how he is going to win the Super Bowl in his 1st season with a team

(again "read more" would really work here)

These gentleman have all had the privilege of coordinating an offense with Alex Smith at the helm. They each only lasted a year because I guess they suck at football. Earlier this week SF fired their O Coordinator for the 5th time since they drafted Smith in 2005.

It is my hope that the Niners continue to fire their O coordinators until they find one who has a magic wand that can turn Smith into something not resembling a pile of shit. But since that will probably not happen, just keep on playing him.

Mike Johnson, this new up and coming, really smart, oh my god hes gonna be the best thing to happen to us since Joe Montana, is taking over the coordinating duties. He has spent the last couple years as the 49er's QB coach (sound of needle scratching record) SAY WHAT!!

I think I speak for most Seahawk Fans when I say "ooooh, really scared." As long as Alex Smith is running the show there is nothing to be worried about. And to Mr. Johnson, good luck in your next gig next season, we hope its in the AFC.


Mr. F said...

I feel the hate flowing through you. I like it.

But you buried our weekly highlight post.

Oh well... CONTENT BABY!!!!

Bobby said...

All this 9ers hate smells like a major insecurity!

You better pile on the games up on us in the next two weeks, I will admit they are tough games for the 9ers.

But then, our schedule reads:

vs Oakland
at Carolina
against Denver (in London)
vs St. Louis
vs. Tampa
at Arizona

I see some wins in the future... and this is before we end the season against STL and Arizona.

Its going down to the wire... but keep hating, Alex Smith has looked good in 9 of his last 12 starts.

Mr. F said...

They'll be 0-5... that's tough to come back from. Mentally. Especially when your coach hasn't shown he has a basic command of the squad or an elementary knowledge of how to manage a game.

I won't write them off in this division by any means... but I like where the Hawks are at right now.

Bobby said...

1-4, Finn, 1-4. Mr Vick is gonna make the mistake of getting whamboozled by Mr Willis.