NFL Picks Week 10

I've been pretty busy this week, so I hope you're not too upset with these abbreviated comments. And I'm sure some of you are saying, "I wish they were this short every week!" Well eff off jerk.

Sunday Morning

Detroit @ Buffalo

The Bills have got to win sometime, and the Niners aren't on their schedule.

Bills 22-21

Minnesota @ Chicago

The Bears are 5-3? How is that possible? The beat the Packers on a Monday night, which is a quality win, aside from that the combined record of the teams they've beat is: 4-28. Yes, you read that right ... 4-28! In other words, the four worst teams (record-wise) in the league.

Vikings 24-17

New York Jets @ Cleveland

You have to hand it to the Browns, they've had an impossible schedule and they've actually crushed a couple good teams in their last couple games, which I guess would make them the anti-Bears.

Browns 21-17

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis

Squash match.

Colts 35-17

Tennessee @ Miami

The Dolphins let me down on the road last week, now I don't know what to believe ... except that they'll lose at home.

Titans 26-23

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

Tampa is looking pretty solid, which I guess would mean that the Panthers are pretty liquid?

Buccaneers 27-10

Houston @ Jacksonville

I'm not sure what to make of either team at this point.

Texans 30-27

Afternoon Games

Kansas City @ Denver

Interesting match-up here.

Chiefs 23-20

Dallas @ New York Giants

Whoa, these Giants are getting good.

Giants 38-9

Seattle @ Arizona

In the Hawks losses this year they've averaged 6.75 points, which means that if they score a touchdown Sunday it'll be downhill from there.

Seahawks 20-13

St. Louis @ San Francisco

Interesting match-up here.

Rams 23-16

Sunday Night

New England @ Pittsburgh

In the words of Johnny Moxon: "Tell me who wins."

Steelers 20-17

Monday Night

Philadelphia @ Washington

I'm not sure I have the mental or cardio-vascular capacity to finish this post.

Eagles 24-19


Bobby said...

4-8 Erik, you're better than that!

Fortune said...

Perhaps he would do better if he spent more time diving into the matchups.

Erik said...

I'm better, you're right .... 5-8