It's baaaaaaack!

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired of some crummy election distracting the American public from what's REALLY important...

Gentleman... It's back!!!


If you've read this "blog" for awhile now, then you know of our love affair (seriously... ask around) of the delicious McRib. We love it so much, we eat MORE THAN ONE at a time. THAT'S RIGHT... a contest!!!!

Some have tried and embarrassed themselves as seen here.

This guy wasn't ready for prime time just yet (I expect more out of him this time around).

and then? This man amongst boys stepped up to the plate. 4 was all it took to set the bar.... and that's where it stands.

So we challenge you Mustacheers... can you eat more than 4 in one sitting? Go for glory!

Go for immortality!!!!

Good luck. And remember... much like sex with your girlfriend from Canada... pics or didn't happen.


Fortune said...


We need to get on this right away. Eric, you know how to make movies, right?

Fortune said...

Erik, sorry

Erik said...

Sure, I made films ... once. But that was a long time ago.