NFL Picks Week 11

Just to assure all of you that last week's weak effort was an anomaly I got an early start on things.

Thursday Night

Chicago @ Miami

Apparently Chad Pennington had a bonus in his contract in which he got $200,000 for every game he started. Well, he ended up playing two downs on Sunday, so he got $100,000 per snap. It's too bad he doesn't have Cam Newton's dad as his agent because then he probably could have made $100,000-$180,000 per play. (By the way, if I can switch to college for a second, that part of the story makes no sense. Why would they ask for 100-180? "If my boy's going to play for your school I want $180,000 ... or 55% of that. Your call." I hope this guy's not a salesman, he'd make the worst haggler ever.) Last week Miami finally got off the schneid at home, why would they stop winning now? Oh right, they're starting their third-string quarterback ... hmm ... naw screw it, I'm still picking them.

Dolphins 27-17

Sunday Morning ....

... Will be available on Friday morning. You didn't really think I'd blow my hot post on a Wednesday night did you? I save that shit for high traffic hours.


jimi said...

seriously, not even a mention for our king? You are the ones who are the ball lickers!!!!

Mr. F said...

OUR KING!?!?!?

You didn't even want him on the heroes list!!!!

jimi said...

when in rome