Week 12 - Thanksgiving Games

I hope you all have a great day. And while you're stuffing your fat faces be thankful that you're not on the NFL TV crews who have to work on Thanksgiving. Or some jerk who has to make sure that 3D college basketball games make it to air for the 400 people with 3D TVs.

New England @ Detroit

There's no better Thanksgiving tradition than waking up bleary-eyed convinced that you're still dreaming because the Lions are on TV. This year you should probably just stay asleep, seeing as how this one won't be much of a game.

Pats 35-10

New Orleans @ Dallas

I remember about 15 years ago when Troy Aikman was hurt for the Thanksgiving game and Jason Garrett had to fill in. And, if you didn't remember that, don't worry you're going to be reminded of it ceaselessly during the broadcast. And guess what, he's in a replacement role once again! He won that first game I mentioned, but now Jon Kitna's his QB, and he brings that Lions Thanksgiving stink with him.

Saints 27-20

Cincinnati @ New York Jets

In the Bengals' two games before last they made a strong comeback late but fell short. In the Jets' last three games they've come back late and won in varying degrees of miraculosity. It seems inevitable that this game will be scoreless until the 4th quarter, at which point on of the most electric back-and-forth battles in NFL history will commence. It's just too bad that most people won't see it due to turkey naps.

Jets 24-20

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