NFL Picks Week 12 - Sunday & (Barely) Monday

Morning Games

Green Bay @ Atlanta

This one could be a playoff preview. Then again there's a good possibility that it won't be. In fact, I wish I could do an audit of every time someone said, "This could be a playoff preview," I'd be willing to bet that as a society we've been right about 7% of the time. As for this game, apparently Matt Ryan doesn't lose in the Georgia Dome, so I'm leaning towards Atlanta. If you'll remember, a few weeks back I questioned Matt Ryan's superstar status; well, win this game and you've done it Matt, you've proven me wrong ... which was my goal all along (you guys should see the smirk on my face right now, it's really insufferable).

Falcons 27-24

Pittsburgh @ Buffalo

Looks like it's time for my Wacky Pick of the Week. And here it is ...

Bills 24-21

Carolina @ Cleveland

Jake Delhomme is starting for the Browns, making it a shame that this game isn't being played in Carolina. If it was, and someone ran on the field I'm betting that security would leave him alone if he made it clear he was gunning for Delhomme.

Browns 28-13

Jacksonville @ New York Giants

These Jags just keep finding ways to win, and it's pissing me off. I've proclaimed for the last two seasons that they suck, and now they're 6-4. Well the jig is up, this is the week they go down, this is the week they die! (I'm trying to establish a dynamic in which I'm a villain and the Jags are a scrappy hero that just won't be defeated. We'll see if they cooperate.)

Giants 26-17

Minnesota @ Washington

If you like juicy story lines this is the game for you I'm not sure if this game should be announced by Joe Buck or Jerry Springer! I mean am I right? C'mon! But seriously folks, if we've learned anything from the Cowboys it's that when a team fires their dead-man-walking coach they'll come out with energy the next week.

Vikings 28-18

Tennessee @ Houston

This week in SI's Fantasy Football section, they tabbed Randy Moss as a player whose stock was falling. What!? They're just realizing that? I haven't played this guy for the last 3 weeks. Ten days ago I was at the grocery store and overheard a 6 year-old telling her mom to, "Avoid Moss like the plague." But thanks for the advice SI, by the way, what should I do with J.J. Stokes? As for Houston, are they trying to get their fans to commit suicide? I'm pretty sure they can only go up from here.

Texans 24-16

Afternoon Games

Kansas City @ Seattle

Say what you will about the Hawks' loss in New Orleans, but they actually scored 19 points, which is their high for a loss this season. Unfortunately, they bounced off of Chris Ivory like Tecmo Super Bowl characters and wound up surrendering 34 points. But now The Hawks are back home in Seattle, where they never give up huge point totals.

Seahawks 24-17

Miami @ Oakland

It's time for Miami to start proving my "party animals that can only win on the road" theory again. And if they don't I'm never picking them again.

Dolphins 21-20

St. Louis @ Denver

The Rams are pretty bad on the road, and the Broncos are pretty bad everywhere. So who ends up being worse on Sunday? I'm going to go with the Rams. Why? Because wouldn't that just be better for everyone?

Broncos 20-16

Philadelphia @ Chicago

We've got a possible playoff preview on our hands here.

Eagles 23-19

Tampa Bay @ Baltimore

The upstart Bucs will really be put to the test this week. Will they pass? Yes, and I'm guessing they'll run also, probably not successfully enough to win the game though.

Ravens 17-10

Sunday Night

San Diego @ Indianapolis

Everything points to a Chargers win in this one. The Colts aren't healthy, San Diego's turning it on like they always do, and it seems like they've just had the Colts' number in the past few years. Which is why I'm going with Indy. Just when you think you've got all the answers Peyton Manning changes the question ... and then changes it a few more times at the line of scrimmage.

Colts 28-24

Monday Night

San Francisco @ Arizona

Oh no. When I got to the bottom of the schedule without seeing this game I just figured it had been canceled. That seemed more likely than it being a Monday Nighter. Anyway, somebody's going to win this ... probably.

Cardinals 16-13

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