NFL Picks - Week 2 Thursday

Houston @ Cincinnati

It's the return of Thursday Night Football, which means it's also time to welcome back the Color Rush promotion. Though, at this point doesn't it seem like Color Rush has become a bit stale? We've seen every team's "wacky" alternate uni, so what's left to like? I say they spice it up and have each team wear their opponents' uniforms for the game. Can you imagine the confusion and hilarity that would ensue? Look, these teams COMBINED to score 7 points last week, we have to do something to make this watchable. So it's either the uni swap or psychedelic drugs, which one do you prefer? Oh ... I thought you we're going to say the uni swap. Well I must be sleeping in the hen house again, because there is some serious egg on my face. I'll go with the home team playing against a debuting QB.

Bengals 19-13

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