NFL Picks - Week 4 Thursday

Chicago @ Green Bay
Last week both of these teams had to work overtime to take care of business, but they both won so it worked out. Look, I know that was lame, and I'm sorry. But now that Chris Berman is gone the football world has agreed to band together and make corny, forced classic rock references whenever they're even the slightest bit applicable to fill the void left by the Schwam. It's our cross to bear now, and we're gonna carry that weight a long time. Ugh. Again I'm sorry, but I don't have a choice. Let's try to focus on the game. Is it possible that Chicago only musters a couple safeties and loses 25 or 6 to 4? No, that's not possible! Enough! But I do expect the Packers to win because they have Rodgers in the backfield. And I'm not talking about Waters and Daltrey. But hey, that wouldn't be bad company to be in, in fact it's a real who's who of ... Aaaaaaggghhhh!!!

Packers 31-13

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