#26 Tin Cup

To be honest... not sure I've seen this one all the way through. I mean it's ok, but never holds my attention. Sure the scene at the end is pretty memorable, but I dunno.

Here's what Draft Guru Pete (boy did he waste his winning post or what?) had to say about the flick:

"I can't be positive, but I think I was Cheech's inspiration for how he played the caddy in this film. "

Ooooh... sounds like a story somewhere in there.

So anyway, that about wraps up # 26, and... WHOA LOOK OUT!!!


A run in by #25!!!! A decent sports film! Days of Thunder.
Really rubbed you right out of th
e post Tin Cup. Rubbin is bloggin'. God that was lame.

No more posts for a bit from me. I'm off to begin "The Summer of Funn" (working title) And if you think there won't be a blog post about that... well... you'd be wrong.

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