#33: He Got Game


I really dug this movie. Denzel's line about Jesus being a biblical name and Ray's response still kills me.

I think I like this movie so much, because it stars Ray Allen. Back when the NBA existed... he was one the top 15 players around and was never treated like it. Luckily this movie came along and he got some much deserved respect in the form of... well here's Erik's comments:

ERIK: "I used the Ray Allen-Rosario Dawson sex scene in this movie as the main point in my argument with Kwame Brown as to why Ray was cooler than Kobe Bryant. He took it all in, but held steadfast to his position. I think he was in denial."

Two things:

A) Hopefully Erik will tell his Kwame Brown story, either in the comments or it's own post. It's pretty funny.

B) Erik is referring to Ray Allen getting to grab Rosario Dawson's sweet tits in the film.

GO RAY!!!!


EP said...

Is there seriously a Kwame Brown story? I want- no, NEED to hear this story. Especially since it obviously went on long enough to argue Kobe v. Ray. Another great part is that Rick Fox sets up a three way for Jesus with two blonde chicks.

Erik said...

Yeah, I guess I'll just go with a full post. There are some good pics that go with it.