I have a few fond memories of #27...

Necessary Roughness

My favorite moments? Glad you asked...

- QB 2 running for the ref's help screaming "blow the whistle, blow the whistle"
- Scotty Baks with the sleight of hand cheap shot... "This is my throwing hand... WHAM!" ... he didn't say Wham. HE SOCKED HIM!!! So big fuckin' dough-boy.
- Didn't even remember Bateman in this flick. Nice surprise.
- And my favorite moment? Not sure why, but it's when Robert Logia (sp?) has taken over in the final game (I think) and he runs some play that doesn't pan out.... then yells "NEVER RUN THAT PLAY AGAIN" and throws the playbook. At least that's how I remember it happening, and I still yell that line today at games. Those of you lucky enough to hit the Hawk's Nest with us probably know that already


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Erik said...

I've mentioned this before somewhere on the site. But I think I need to again. In the final game the following exchange occurs between Hector Elizondo and Robert Loggia:

HE: Time to try your play Wally.
RL: What, you mean the Quarterback option? C'mon that's a trick play, it'll never work!

Maybe by trick play he meant staple of college football for the past 50 years. I think it turns out that it's a throwback to the QB, but the way they put it originally makes it sound ridiculous.