I don't have a ton so say about #30: Slapshot.

I just saw it recently for the very first time. It starts out pretty funny, but kind of drags on. You do get to see Ralphie's mom naked (Christmas Story). But to be honest... I'm not sure how I felt about that.

Wanamaker loves this film. Hopefully he remembers to come by and say something.

RIP Paul Newman.


wanamaker said...

What I love about this movie is how it captures the team dynamic while highlighting how crappy it is to play in minor league sports. I wish all sports had some sort of low profile minor league system to humble future stars.

Ultimately, adding the Hanson Brothers to the sport lexicon is it's most important addition. They are some of the most recognizable characters in sports movie history and they are often copied in other films.

Has anyone seen Slap Shot 2 which stars one of the Baldwin brothers?

Erik said...

Pretty sure that was Stephen Baldwin.

The highlight of this movie for me was seeing that Sheriff Harry S. Truman had actually had other work.

Mr. F said...

Yep. It's stevey balds.

I was more excited to see the dude that chevy chase fish hooked in the throat from funny farm.