Josh Wilson trade cont.

Quote from John Schneider about the Josh Wilson trade, (the bolded part kills me):

Schneider: "Absolutely. This is the most difficult weekend of the year for everybody involved, for the coaches and for the players. All of these guys. The personnel staff that has to go through the evaluations and address the players. The players that work their tails off the whole season. Josh has been a factor here for several years now and done a great job in the community and everything. Very well respected. This was a team that was very aggressive in coming after Josh. They have a situation where they have a strong need and as Pete said it has more to do with the way Walter has stepped up and the way Tru is playing and some of the younger guys. I think it was one of those deals that comes along. We get calls on some of our players. We don't do everything, but this was one of those deals that we just felt like we couldn't pass up."

He should have continued:

"They were SO aggressive that we were able to squeeze a 5th round pick out of them! And it'll be late in the round too, cuz unlike the Seahawks, the Ravens are probably going to do really well next year! Even better now that they gave up nothing for Josh! Oops... phone's ringing gotta go... I've got a team interested in Brandon Mebane, looking to secure a 4th rounder in 2015"


Fortune said...

I can only wish one day a coach I am being a little agressive with will say, "Ill pay double if you just leave me alone".

Mr. F said...

Fortune, your comment is a lot funnier if anyone has a clue what you do for a living... but I understand am laughing.

EP said...

I'm back!! Here is my 2 cents. After hearing John S. on the radio today I am of the opinion that this move had to be done. They didn't think he was going to re-sign so they needed to get something in return. It is important to stockpile picks not just for the draft but as trade ammo after or just before cuts are made.

I think it is very easy to fall in love with players that show bright spots on bad teams. My hope is that they are planning on building a team that Josh Wilson isn't good enough to start for (that goes for you too, Kelly Jennings).

Schneider is building this team around the Green Bay model, tall fast corners and tall, strong receivers. Once that plan is in place I think we will be ok with this trade, even though it sucks now.

jimi said...