A Very Large Celebration Shall Ensue

However, none of us here at HCM are qualified enough to give justice to this monumental feat. Lauren Jackson has just won her third WNBA MVP award. Not to mention whoever the hell their coach is won best coach. Who better to let us all in on how this really feels than our resident Storm Superfan, Jimi. Jimi, please email me your thoughts and I will happily post it for you. Feel free to include pictures and videos, this will be your post. I can be reached at fortune@henrycottosmustache.com. We all look forward to finding out what this really means.


Pervitron 3000 said...

It means that Seattle now relies on women to be the bright light for the thousands of sad and down trodden sports fans, not just an afterthought like before.

It used to be the Mariners would win a series and we'd all go to Ricks for the ladies to brighten our night.

It used to be the Seahwaks would destroy an oppenent and we'd get on a plane for vegas to see some women shakin it.

It used to be that the Sonics would take game 7 against the Jazz in the playoffs and we'd pop champagne with teenage girls in my firends basement and not get anywhere with them...

It used to be the Sounders would score a goal and we'd pay a "woman" $10 for a BJ in a back alley.

That's how it USED TO BE and I miss it G-damn it!

Mr. F said...

Shultz, your post is awesome only it depressed me like none other. If you could've worked Lost being off the air into I probably would've drawn a hot bath and slit my wrists and jumped in. Sonics and Ricks. God damn it.

Fortune said...

still nothing from jimi

Mr. F said...

actually he's gonna email it to me, and then I'll post it in the first of a series of... well I'll save the surprise. Check back often@