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The Mustacheer Post of the Week!

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Anyway our first post ia sort of stepping on Draft Guru Pete's toes... but it comes from EP... Check it out...

So with the start of the NFL season right around the corner it is always fun to make some predictions. Instead of the typical who wins their divisions and whatnot, I thought I would look at a more specific prediction. I would like to preface this by saying that I hope Matthew plays at a high level for us until he is 45, however, there has been a lot of talk of the Seahawks being in the "Locker Sweepstakes" with all of the turnover of the roster and a focus on getting younger for the future. While I still predict a 13-3 record and a Super Bowl Championship I thought it would be interesting to look at where the Hawks would stand against other teams if their plan was to draft the QB of the future. At face value, this is a great class of QB's (assuming all that are eligible leave school). For simplicity lets try to keep this to 1st round talent and teams that would consider a QB in the 1st round.

Very likely to draft a QB in the 1st.


Could very well draft a QB in the 1st.

San Francisco
Kansas City

Are in a spot where they should maybe start thinking about it.

New England

IF Locker ends up being the top QB on the board, I think we have will have a tough time being worse than Buffalo (they are shitty). But here are some other QB's that are likely to grade out as 1st or 2nd round picks.

Andrew Luck - Stanford
Christian Ponder - FSU
Ryan Mallet - Arkansas
Pat Devlin - Delaware
Blaine Gabbert - Missouri
Nick Fowles - Arizona

Where do you think we finish amongst these other teams and where does that put us in terms of a QB?


jimi said...

should Kellen Moore be on this list?

Mr. F said...

Yes! Who is that?

jimi said...

played some high school ball in Prosser Wa, but i'm have not heard much of him as of late