The Reign Man!

Sorry EP, I'm burying your post with BIG news. (pay your dues)

I saw the Reign Man at the Tulalip Casino on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Shawn Kemp. In the flesh. At first there were conflicting reports, but when I got a look at him there was no doubt... The Reign Man. And you know? He looked good! In shape, seemed happy enough till some douches started buggining him and he ran back into the club (otherwise I would have been that douche).

I'm posting this for three reasons:

1) What the fuck else do we talk about here?

2) It was like seeing a super hero. Maybe that sounds lame... I don't give a shit. I started trying to think of other sports figures that come close to matching that aura... Junior's close. But he's no Reign Man.

and 3) it gives me an excuse to link to these sweet Kemp clips, enjoy:


jimi said...

on the first vid, at about 2:20 in i love the one Luc Longley tries to block. Really?

Pervitron 3000 said...

Dude, check out the Kemp dunk over Rodman in the link below. Do you hear what Bill Walton says at 0:20? What a shit head he was to the Sonics. No way are the Bulls happy being down 10 points going into the 4h.


Erik said...

I love when he dunks on Gatling and even Gatling has to give him some dap.

Mr. F said...


Fortune said...

for some reason I am reminded of when I ran into JESSE JONES at the Alderwood mall