NFL Picks - Week 10 Thursday

Carolina @ Pittsburgh
The Panthers have quietly gone 6-2 so far this season. And by "quietly" I mean I really haven’t watched them much. But rest assured I did a ton of research on them ahead of this game and discovered that they’ve only played 3 road games so far with a 1-2 record. To be fair, they’ve all been tough match-ups (Atlanta, Washington, and Philadelphia), and this one is no different. If you take an even closer look at the Panthers ... well you’d be doing more work than I did. 1-2 on the road people! What more information do you need?!? I assumed none, that’s why I simply wiped my hands and walked away. Come on, it's a Thursday night game, I had to write this on a short week, cut me some slack.

Steelers 27-20

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