NFL Picks - Week 9 Thursday

Oakland @ San Francisco
Normally the quality of play is a little diminished in Thursday night games, and so one must reach into the far corners of their mind to imagine what level of competition we’ll see on this Thursday night. I say “we’ll see” as if any of us are actually going to watch this game. But come on, we’ve got much better things to do than ogle at two last place teams jostling for draft positioning. For instance, you could volunteer somewhere ... that’s something people do. Or you could spend these 3+ hours educating yourself on the midterm elections. As for me, I’m finally going to crack open that book that’s been gathering dust on my shelf and settle in for a nice, long read. I mean, I’ll have the game on in the background, but it will be muted. Sure, I’ll turn on the volume every now and then if something confusing is happening ... and if I leave it unmuted for a while, it’s only because it slipped my mind ... and if I happen to put the book down it’s only because my eyes are tired ... Oh God, I’m going to watch this game aren’t I? Help me!

49ers 27-20

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