NFL Picks - Week 11 Thursday

Green Bay @ Seattle
The Packers are undefeated at home (4-0-1) and winless on the road (0-4). No team in NFL history has ever done this for an entire season (feel free to fact-check that for me, because I didn’t actually look into it; but we can just assume that’s true). So can Green Bay be the first to do it? Let’s look at their remaining schedule. They’re playing at Seattle, Minnesota, Chicago, and the Jets. Their last three home games are against Arizona, Atlanta, and Detroit. I’d say it’s very doable, and even likely that they could make history (still waiting on you to verify that for me), if not for that Jets game. Not only will the Jets be incapable of beating the Packers in New York, they’ll most likely not even want to win come Week 16 for draft purposes. These Jets won’t merely be ruining their own season, they’ll be messing with an unprecedented achievement (probably). But I would encourage Green Bay to not be deterred by the Jets’ lousiness, and attempt to make history nonetheless. Next order of biz: losing in Seattle.

Seahawks 27-19

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