Does This Guy Think He's a Linebacker or Something?

Looks like Owen Schmitt is desperately trying to get into the good graces of fans by following in the footsteps of other favorites Lofa Tatupu and Leroy Hill. Here's the link to the article about Schmitt's exploits last night.

Honestly, this won't affect how I feel about Schmitt. I liked him when he was at West Virginia and now that he's a Hawk I'm obviously an even bigger fan. But as the DUIs start to pile up for our starters you've got to wonder why these guys don't splurge for a cab ride home. Or better yet, why don't the Seahawks just have a car service that is on call at all hours? I realize that Leroy's incident was not in Washington, but it still makes sense.


Mr. F said...

Look, I'm biased, he's a Seahawk, and we met him at a movie screening. He was a good dude. Obviously he made a mistake, and I'm sure he feels bad.

You know who I feel worse for? Blitzing linebackers who have to deal with the new rage he will focus in there direction.

PS No more stories disparaging (sp?) our sports heroes... even if they're in the papers.

Erik said...

I wasn't trying to bash him. I tried to point out that I liked the guy. I'm just saying it's a little ridiculous that guys with that much disposable income can't figure out another way to get home.

Mr. F said...

But he's a fullback. They don't make as much. His agent even said so.

I know you weren't trying to bash him.

Mr. F said...

The salary comment is a joke by the way.