Happy Birthday HCM!!!!

Well not yet.... but it's coming next month, the 20th to be exact, but that's during the week, and we only party on the weekends. Live responsibly kiddies.

Soooo... here's where we're having our party:

My pal, and quite possibly yours, Davin Stedman's band, The Staxx Brothers, are playing a show on July 17th at the Tractor in Ballard. If you haven't seen them yet, you're missing out. Fantastic live show! They're kind of a rap/blues/funk/rock bad... very hard to describe. Here's their myspace site if you need convincing: www.myspace.com/staxxbrothers

We're trying to sell the show out for three reasons:

A) They're a great band, and I know you'll all have a SWELL time!

2) The Mustacheers need a place to party. And this'll do.


III) If they have a packed house they get to play Halloween this year, and it could mean the return of our legendary (it got mentioned on the radio once, look it up) Andersen Bros. (and Eddie and Amy) Halloween Bash!!!

I know you've all missed it!!! I KNOW IT!!!! Anyway, it's win/win. Great show, and the possibility for a Halloween shindig to end all Halloween shindigs. Seriously. Halloween will be canceled forever after what were planning goes down.

But back to the task at hand... gotta slam the Tractor on the 17th of July for The Staxx Brothers. Tickets are only $10.50 with all applicable fees. Let's do it.

Here's the link to buy tickets for the 17th:


If that doesn't work just go to www.ticketweb.com and search for The Staxx Brothers.

Everyone show up. Seriously. Don't be pussies. Show up. It'll be fuckin' kick ass.

One last piece of housekeeping... the Greatest Sports Movies of All Time... the DEFINITIVE list... will happen. Just needs a few more days to compile, and then we'll start the slow painful trip to # 1.


Erik said...

I'll be there.

Hugh Jardon said...
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