Weirdest day ever?

What used to be one of my favorite days of the year starts out with a pin-up legend losing her cancer battle, continues with the death of the King of Pop, and culminates in the first NBA draft I've witnessed where I had no rooting interest. Torture.

Thank god those OKC douches didn't take Rubio.

Weirdest day ever?


wanamaker said...

I'm thinking this could be turned into a show on VH1.

Erik said...

I watched the draft and I have no idea why. I don't know what I was hoping to accomplish. It was kind of like watching a playoff game after your team has already been eliminated. You're watching it because you like sports, but in the back of your head you can't stop thinking, "We should be there right now, this sucks."

But seriously, why did I watch an event where the team they stole from us continues to get better and more interesting AND I have to see David Stern's shit-eating grin every 5 minutes.

Hugh Jardon said...

Just to add to a weird day, found out one of my high school and college crew buddies died on Monday as well.