It's coming...

The Hurricane
Above The Rim
The Color of Money
The Hustler
Side Out
Semi Pro
Remember the Titans
Blue Crush
The Bring it On
Mystery, Alaska
Air Bud
Million Dollar Baby
Angels In America
A Season on the Brink
The Wizard
The Love Bug

All of these fantastic films have one thing in common...

Not one of them received a single vote on our official 50 Greatest Sports Films of All Time. I know... WOW. I know... you're excited! I know... you can't wait! Well, you won't have to much longer. The list begins this week!!!


Erik said...

Wait a minute, nobody voted for Angels in America!?

Pacino's gonna be pissed!

Mr. F said...

Well I stand by the post. It didn't receive any votes.

Pete said...

Ohhh, what a big man you are. Let me buy you a pack of gum. I'll show you how to chew it.

Mr. F said...

What time do you have?