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#35: Rookie of The Year

Great Performance by Busey as "The Rocket" Chet Stedman. I'm not sure I thought about this when it came out, but he totally ripped off Roger Clemens' nickname, I mean that's just blatant. Another interesting note about Stedman, apparently he isn't a connoisseur of meats because "one of the best Salisbury steaks he's ever had" is on a plane, which seems odd. When 40 Year Old Virgin came out I was pretty sure that Seth Rogen was Henry's chubby friend from this movie. Turned out it wasn't.

Peter: This movie has some great mistakes. In one scene, Rosengardner sets up this scenario for himself in the laundry room where he talks about having a full count on a guy. He fires a bar of soap into the washing machine and gleefully squeals "Striiike One!"

Also, in one scene, I'm pretty sure you can see a hand throwing the ball into the shot for a pop up (or something like that).

The big badass on the Mets (Hedo, I believe) is a real life version of the monsterous players on Ken Griffey Baseball.


Finn: You'd think funky buttlovin would have earned this one a higher rating...

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