Happy Belated Birthday HCM!!!

A few more exclamation points and people will think they are reading Coach Sark's twitter feed!

I apologize for making everyone wait for this monumental post (not of length, of achievement). Nobody out there thought we could do this. Many people out there were hoping we would fail. We know who you are too, so watch your back!

Each of your beloved party hosts recorded a message to be played just in case we were able to overcome all the odds and make it a year. Unfortunately the tapes were stolen. Fortunately I did put the written transcripts inside my parent's safe deposit box.

Mr F: "Thanks to everyone for making HenryCottosMustache.com the internet sensation that we all knew it could be. Here's to an even bigger and better 2nd year. And screw you Mark Rossolo."

Erik: "Thanks to all the readers. It's bringing joy to your smiling, drooling faces that keeps me going. And if it's quality posts you want, then in the words of the late Andy Foy 'You want it, you gaaaaaaaahhhhtttt it!'"

Wanamaker: "We've come a long way from that tiny airport and stolen internet connection."

For some reason there was nothing on the sheet from Fortune, so either I did not think we had a shot, or somebody erased it. That's the risk you take when writing in pencil. But luckily for all of you I am writing this post so I have a present. Since this is a family-friendly site I can not put up a stripper jumping out of a cake, actually I am at work and enjoy what I do, so I give to you the next best thing:

Here's to getting 40 more mustacheers this year!!

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Mr. F said...

Alot of people said HCM couldn't make a 1 year in a row.... well, I guess we showed them!