#46: White Men Can't Jump

White Men Can't Jump. Billy Ho and Willie Mays Hays playing street ball.

I didn't get any comments form the other Party Hosts on this one...

I liked this movie. Margues Johnson steals the show, but Woody tries his best to take it back with his amazing slam jam at the end. Super realistic! But my favorite part of this movie? Well...


That would be Rosie Perez and her rocking tits.


Pete said...

I have a feeling we'll be hearing from these two guys a little higher up on the list.

Also, I find it funny that these two had a formula for making a movie together. "Well, we're friends, but we kind of fight a bit. We have some laughs, one of us screws a latino girl, and everything works out in the end."

If we ever do a Top 50 list of movies featuring trains and reggae, I know what I'm putting number one.

Erik said...

I like the tagline on the poster: "It Ain't Easy Being This Good."

Really? You're telling me I couldn't step out on a court right now and replicate Wesley Snipes' style of play? Maybe they're right, it would be hard to try to look that foolish.