Preview Review

Now that we are halfway through the MLB season, I thought we should take a look back at our preseason predictions to see how far off we were at the beginning of the season. Not only that, I decided to devise a scoring system to figure out which one of us is the biggest idiot. You get 1 point for every place you were wrong. In other words, if you had the Mets in first and they're actually in fourth you get 3 points. I also subtracted a point for a correct prediction. Therefore, the person with the fewest points has done the best job ... so far.

When all was said and done, the standings looked like this:

1. Wannamker - 18
2. Mr. F - 19
3. Erik - 23
4. Fortune - 29
5. Draft Guru Pete - 31

A few things jumped out at me. First of all, DG Pete was doing fairly well until the AL East rolled around and his apparent "goof pick" of the Red Sox finishing last really came back to bite him. The AL Central was the most botched division, with Cleveland accounting for the most added points of any team. There was only one correctly predicted division from top to bottom, and that was me with the AL East.

As for the MVP and Cy Young predictions, the across the board votes for Felix as Cy Young could turn out to be prophetic. Mr. F and I had Pujols as the NL MYP, and while it may be a boring pick, it certainly appears like it will be a correct one. Speaking of Mr. F, his "goof pick" of Ricky Nolasco as the NL Cy Young turned out to be just as hilarious as we all thought it was at the beginning of the year as a result of his 6-7 record and 5.76 ERA.

So, that's where things stand as of right now. Of course, we'll re-visit this at the start of October when I expect all of us to have fewer points following the M's coup of 1st place.

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