43 AAAAANNNND 42!!!!

In honor of our special day here at HCM (maybe someone will post about it?) we've decided to give you not one... but TWO movies today.... two calssics... that I've never seen. So hopefully some of these other clowns that "work" on this blog will help us out here....


#43 The Rookie

Looks inspiring. Was it?

#42. Wildcats
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Looks like a football movie. And that may or may not be Willie Mays Hays close to the bottom of the pile. If so that makes him not a one (Major League), not a two (Above the Rim) but a THREE sport star. God damnit. That's impressive.


Pervitron 3000 said...
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Fortune said...

I went to see The Rookie in the theater and I remember honestly thinking I was watching a true story about Dennis Quaid. I also remember listening to a guy who thought it was Randy Quaid in the movie. I think it was the last time I was in a theater.