Top 50 Greatest Sports Films of All Time: #47

#47 The Waterboy.

This film grew on me over the years, because at first I absolutely hated it. Now I tolerate it. There were a few laughs but it needed more full frontal nudity from Kathy Bates. I'll let Erik take it from here.

Erik: I hate this movie. Ok, maybe hate is a little too strong, but I certainly can't stand it. The voice is intolerable and the ending is awful. I'm speaking, of course, of the part where Boucher is lifted on his teammates shoulders when someone sticks a microphone in his face and he shouts, "I love mama!" Then, in kind, the scoreboard flashes, "He loves his mama!" I haven't even mentioned his insufferable scream as he charges to tackle someone. Uggh.


jimi said...

sooo.........why did this movie make the list if the sources of the list don't like it?

Fortune said...

I am glad you asked Jimi. I will be the 1st to admit its not top 10 material, but enjoyable enough to be in the top 50, certainly. Who out there hasnt borrowed Schneider's "YOU CAN DO IT". That's what I thought.

Also managed to make Dan Patrick feel way cooler than he really is, paving the way for Craig Kilborn to leave sportscenter to fail as a late night talk show host.

Julian said...

kilborn didn't fail. He left the show because of a contract dispute. One of the dumbest moves ever!