Extremely Informative Sports Radio Chat

Driving into work this morning Groz, subbing for Mitch so I actually listened, was previewing the UW at UCLA game. He was chatting with the "Voice of the Bruins" Chris Roberts. The two of them were discussing why the Dawgs have such a hard time winning at Pauley Pavilion. Groz said somthing along the lines of there is no reason, everyone in LA is so laid back, they just sit on their hands. Mr Bruin replied with something along the lines of "well old friend, it must have been a while since you have been down here. Howland has convinced some students to wear blue shirts." Groz replied, "youre right I need to come down there and see some games with their new coach. It's probably just the history of the building, Ill give you that." To which Roberts replied, it is pretty imposing to see 11 national championship banner hanging from the rafters. Thinking about the people who have played on that court. Lew Alcindor, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, Bill Walton, and Ed O'Bannon." I cant wait to stand around the water cooler today and spout off all my new found knowledge.

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Fortune said...

One of my water cooler colleagues informed me that earlier in the interview Mr Bruin was telling a coach romar story. When he was coaching at UCLA he always roomed with Steve Lavin, but this particular trip to the desert Lavin was recruiting somewhere. The hotel they were staying at overbooked and the Voice of the Bruins had no room to sleep in. Romar hearing this said you can stay in my room. Arriving at the room Mr Bruin said I hope you dont mind i have tons of calls I need to return, do you mind? To which Romar replied Do you mind if I read my Bible all night? This must be how he gets all the gangstas to come and play for him.