Offensive Notes

I was told that I should just post it all on the front page anyway. SO here goes, starting with the offense:
The player I was most interested in watching was Michael Oher (T, Ole Miss). I thought that he looked dominant at times during the game and was able to handle Larry English (DE/OLB N. Illinois) on the speed rush. On a short TD run in the 2nd qtr he got low and fired out of his stance, driving his man completely out of the play. He did have some trouble on a couple of spin moves and power rushes where his man got into his body and pushed past him (he held on one of these plays). He seems to have some trouble finding a man to block at the 2nd level.

Brandon Gibson had to sit out the second half of the week and the game due to injury.

Quan Cosby (WR, Texas) was drafted by the Angels a few years back. I thought he looked good in college, but now I think he sucks.

Rhett Bomar (QB, Sam Houston St) is inconsistent on his throws and was too quick too tuck and run. Plus, he got booted out of Oklahoma for having some fake job I think.

And I’ll wrap this up with my thoughts on Graham Harrell (QB, Texas Tech). I have nothing against Harrell, but he can’t make any throws to the outside or down the field. I think he underthrew every ball that wasn’t some slant over the middle. I heard him comment later that his biggest strength was accuracy. I think it’s time you take a good long look in the mirror young man.

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Mr. F said...

Way to know your audience!!! GIBSON WOOOOHOOOO!!!!