Senior Bowl Defensive Notes

Next up is BJ Raji (DT, Boston College). Todd McShay currently has this guy going to the Hawks in his mock draft. He generated a lot of buzz during the week by looking "unblockable" in practice according to Mike Mayock. I wanted to make notes on him during the game but he was a non-factor. They barely mentioned him and the only play I made any notes on was a goal line play when he was completely washed out of the play. They mentioned the knock on him was consistency. Looked consistently bad to me.

Patrick Chung (S, Oregon) is Mayock's 2nd rated safety and he has better-than-expected coverage skills. It's kind of hard for me to comment on that since I don't have access to all the Jaworski-cams to break down coverage on every play, so I can't be too harsh on safeties and corners. I do know that he made a nice play coming up in run support by shedding a FB-block and making a TD saving tackle at the goal line.

Bruton (S, Notre Dame) sucks. I don't even know his first name. He got beat badly on a deep ball and then they made a point of mentioning that he has terrible hands and can't catch.

The USC linebackers (Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing, and Clay Matthews) all looked pretty good. Maualuga plays a little out of control but is good at taking on blocks (they must teach that to USC LBs) and laying monster hits on people if he actually gets to them. If he and Brian Russell played on the same team the other 9 guys would be fearing for their life.

Derek Pegues (S, Miss St) returned a kickoff straight into his blockers. Perfect fit for the Hawks. Kickoffs ain’t for fancy running. Follow your blocks regardless of where the hole may be.

Mitch King (DL, Iowa) is a white guy whose measurables don’t jump out at you, but guess what he has that is non-stop?


Erik said...

You touch on it in your last sentence, but I was wondering about a few key attributes.

-Who had the best head for the game?

-Who was the best raw athlete?

Mr. F said...

Mitch King: His hype machine?

Patrick Chung: Think we trade up into the second again to get him?

Pete said...

Oh, without a doubt Pat White is the best raw athlete. You can line him up anywhere. Only he won't play any position other than QB. Hey, it worked for Seneca, why can't it work for him. Best head (of hair) for the game is John Parker Wilson.