BREAKING NEWS: Marijuana Used at College Party

.... Shocking.

Ok, I know this story has been overdone already but there's a few things that bother me here.

First, how does Phelps not think, "Oh wait, that guy has a camera, I guess I won't smoke this weed right now." I guess he was REALLY fiending for it. But if that's the case wouldn't you take the bong hit, then proceed to grab the camera and smash the shit out of it? I mean is anybody going to believe this story:

-Yeah dude, Michael Phelps was partying at our house. I smoked him out, but then he got angry and smashed my camera so I don't have proof.

I think he would have been safe.

Secondly, I've heard that now the Sheriff's office in South Carolina wants to press charges on him. If they really wanted to catch drug users and can use pictorial evidence as grounds to arrest someone why not just comb through the U of South Carolina facebook database. I'm sure they could find some offenders there.


jimi said...

Here is my question -- he is obviously taking a fat lunger off that bong, but at what stage of the lunger is he at. Why do i ask? Because that bong is not milky at all, i mean you can see right through the tube. Has he just started, is he at the end, or........and i don't even want to imagine this..........is he right in the middle. Shouldn't this mans lung capacity be amazing. Shouldn't he be able to rip through that entire bowl, load it again, and finish that off without taking a breath. I want a better picture damn it. I want a better hit from super man. My expectations are higher for one of the greatest olympic champions ever. Bronze medal mr. phelps, bronze medal. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Mr. F said...

Classic stuff from both of you!!!

I doubt Phelps knew there was a camera in the room. I'm sure it was some weasel-y little narc who made 5 G's selling it to TMZ.com.

Well congrats deuche-bag. You ruined a national hero!!!

I sort of liked his apology. He basically pulled a "Look... I fucked up! I'm just a kid... basically. Won't happen again."

I say leave him alone. Who cares?!?!

Pervitron 3000 said...

Somehow I think the uproar over national X-Games hero Shaun White (who btw has more gold medals than anyone in history, ALSO!) would not be quite as significant. To the point that he's a superman bong smoker, I would wager that might be the 1st time he's ever smoked. Lord knows he wouldn't want to tarnish those wind bags with tar while training. He's probably a total sissy on the pipe.