Hello World

Well it's great to finally be a contributor to this wonderful blog. I was so excited that I left work at 3pm so I could make this post. I would like to thank the creators for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts, findings and opinions on all things surrounding the greatest 2 days in sports (not counting the first two days of the NCAA Tournament). Poeple might be wondering why they should care what I have to say. First off, that's rude and uncalled for. Secondly, let me give you a run down of why people consider me an expert:
- I have watched over 6 NFL Drafts
- I plan on watching this next one
And thirdly, I have agreed to an exclusive deal with this blog. That means this is the only site on the Internet that I will allow to publish my 2009 NFL Draft material.

Over the next couple months leading up to draft days, I will provide you with mock drafts, Senior Bowl and Combine thoughts, mailbags (if people send me questions), and chats (most likely with made up questions from fake people).

So buckle up. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make my number 1 draft pick...an ice cold Miller Lite.


Mr. F said...

Oh my God?!?!? That's Pete Andersen's music!!!!!

Erik said...

It's getting hot in here!!!!!!!!!!!

Erik said...

I see ya. I see ya Cornell. C'mon, give me another post meathead.

jimi said...

Poeple? sumbodie git the knew guy a dikchionarie