We want you!!!

Look, your party hosts here at henrycottosmustache.com are very fragile and vain. We want more mustacheers. So if you've stopped by the site... sign up. If you're already a mustacheer, recruit. I have to believe that we've reached at least 15 people. Maybe more.

Delgo. McRib. Henry Cotto.

Good night... and good luck.



Mr. F said...

Fantastic! The plea is already working! East coast even. Congrats on being the latest Mustacheer Quinn. I can only assume you are here for the dynamite Lost blogs that are soon to come! Good work. Looking forward to your comments!

Amanda said...

I appreciate the Edward R. Murrow reference.

Mr. F said...

Well he is my brother.


Amanda said...

I am honored to be a mustacheer.

H. Cotto said...

I'll get big Mike to post the web address on the Aquasox jumbotron next season. That should bring in at least 2 or 3 new subscribers.

Erik said...

Hey Cotto, can't you get Ruben or at least Candy Sierra to sign up? We could really use the cred. Hell we'd take Candy Maldanatto at this point.