Royal Rumble / HCM Anthology Part 3


The Rumble who drew #7 (by the way I'm not stopping this gimmick.)


Winner: Hulk Hogan
Final Four: Hogan, Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, Hercules
#1 & 2: Ted DiBiase & Koko B. Ware

#30: Mr. Perfect

This is #7 strictly for the greatest showdown in Rumble hist
ory: DiBiase and Janetty. And also there's the other good one between Hogan and Warrior. Both of them were tearing through Rumble until they were the only two men left in the ring. When the crowd realized it they went apeshit. Of course, there were no real moves to be done, so they looked at each other for a while then ran perpendicular routes across the ring culminating in a double clothesline. And who comes out next to reap the benefits? That's right, The Barbarian. The 3rd most popular wrestler at the time (In my opinion at least). This is followed by Rick Rude saying "Screw it" and entering the ring a minute early. A crime for which there was no reprimand.

Anyway, this Rumble was the precursor to the Ultimate Challenge. While I know it wasn't a technically flawless match, it was my favorite as a fresh-faced young boy who knew no more about the sport than what he'd learned from his Wrestlin' Buddies and action figures; so it has a a soft spot in my heart.


Yeah this was a good Rumble for all the reasons you mentioned, but it's probably my third least favorite for the simple fact that my two favorite pro wrestlers (Koko B. Ware and Marty Janetty were quickly and embarrassingly eliminated by DiBiase at the very beginning of the Rumble. Not to mention my 4th favorite wrestler, (3rd was Brutus the Barber Beefcake for those scoring at home) Shawn Michaels entered late and was ousted in under 1 minute by the Warrior during that house cleaning moment you mentioned earlier in preparation of the Warrior / Hogan showdown. It's like Vinny Mac had it out for me personally: "Hey, I hear there's this kid watching the Rumble this year... some little shit in MillCreek Washington named Finn. Let's see if we can make him cry."

Anyway that sucked. Still waiting on your 6th.


And now the Rumble who drew #6:


Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Final Four: Austin, Kane, The Rock, Billy Gunn
#1 & 2: Jeff Hardy & Bull Buchanan
#30: Rikishi

This was originally in a higher slot. My thinking being any Rumble featuring Sounders minority owner Drew Carey and a final four appearance from Monty Sopp has to be in the top 5. But with Drew Carey ruining the greatest ending ever on Price is Right, I realized it has to be a little lower.

The beginning of the Rumble was dominated by Kane, and it was pretty exciting stuff including Kane's encounter with Carey that ended when Raven came to Drew's rescue.

Raven? Why does he ... nevermind, it's not worth trying to figure out. Anyway, here's how Wikipedia explains Carey's elimination: "This gave Carey the opportunity to eliminate himself safely and do high-fives to the fans." The Rock comes in at #13 slowing down Kane and setting up the rest of the Rumble.

The final 3 is awesome, with Kane and the Rock exhausted in their cor
ners, and a bloodied Austin sitting in his. Stone Cold pulls a "Hogan" elimination on the Rock, setting up their match at 'Mania X-Seven. Then he dumps Kane, who at this point is without question the greatest Rumble performer ever who has not won the whole thing.


This one didn’t make my list, but not because it’s not a great Rumble, it’s just THERE’S THAT MANY GREAT RUMBLES!!!

I’ll have to rewatch this one, and I’ll probably regret not putting it on my list. Kane’s performance was awesome and he deserved to win.

So… you’re getting wiki help? That’s fine cuz I;ve got the DVD’s to review, but could you do me a favor and see who’s appeared in the most final fours? It’s gotta be Kane, Taker, Michaels, or Austin… although Hogan was in a few and so was Macho… WHO IS IT?!?!?

Anyway… I’ve got my #5 ready… and the winner IS… (trying to get a little gimmick going of my own)


Winner: The Undertaker (finally gets one)

Final 4: Taker, Michaels, Randy Orton and Edge (It’s impossible to pick a greatest final 4 so I’ll stop trying, but this one is up there.)

#1 &2: Flair and Finlay (ummm... I guess they were taking a break from the young and exciting wrestlers that could carry the match at the beginning.)

#30: Deadman (finally # 30 wins one!!!)

Despite a terrible spot where the Great Kahli eliminates just about every good wrestler in the WWE… this one gets a high ranking for the fantastic Final 4 and finish.

Just a great sequence where Michaels is laid out on the outside, and Rated RKO are about to deliver a con-chair-to to the Deadman. Michaels slides in as Orton charges and he is backdropped to the outside, and then Edge swings and misses with the chair and is Sweet Chin Music-ed to the outside, and Michaels collapses in the ring.

Two men left, the biggest legends left In the WWE, and then Taker does his classic sit up, and Michaels does his kick up. No jokes, it was just great. Then they go back and forth for a bit, in the greatest “match” between and last two men standing at the end… I think. Not to mention it was a Texas based Rumble with both guys being Texas natives at the end (crowd was slightly in favor of Michaels). Great Rumble.

And… since I think you said the ’04 Rumble was your # 5, that brings us to the 4’s… and since I’m so red hot right now I’ll keep going.

My # 4 is…

2000 Rumble.

Winner: The Rock (yeah, yeah, yeah, disputed, didn’t happen at the PPV so didn’t happen here)

Final 4: The Rock, Big Show, Kane, and X-Pac (2nd guy to cheat in the Rumble, he didn’t get quite the results that Austin did)

# 1 & 2: D-Lo and Grand Masta Sexay (This was lame, but it did lead to a cheesy but memorable Too Cool dance off in the middle of the Rumble… and it was REAL TO ME DAMMNIT)

#30: X-Pac

This was an awesome total card (which doesn’t count I know) but it’s provbably why I remember it so fondly. Tazz vs Angle, Hardyz vs Dudleyz. Great stuff.

Two neat Rumble things for me were the surprise return of Backlund (I’ll let Pete comment on this) and Road Dogg employing a strategy I always thought more people should employ. He grabbed the bottom rope, wrapped himself around it.

The thing that makes this Rumble great were the run ins form the Mean Street Posse and Kaientati (sp?) they resulted in a HUGE face smack against the mats on Taka… might have ended his career… has anyone SEEN him since? And there was Pete Gas just EATING it on the bottom rope when he tried to slide in.

You know… I ranked this way to high. I’m sorry. I want to change my list a bit when we’re done.

Ok, so let’s here your # 4.


Mr. F said...

Sorry had to post #3 early... it wasnt saving. Oh well lucky all of you!! RIGHT?

Pete said...

Sorry I can't make too many comments yet. I just got back into the States after an extended weekend in Canada and I'm trying to get acquainted to the America I've returned to. When I was up there some hoser tried to tell me that the Arizona Cardinals were going to the Super Bowl and that an African American was our President. I assumed he was goofing, so I flipped him the double tall man and went on my way. Apparently it was no goof.

The only Rumble comment I'll make is the one Finn mentioned. We were watching the 2000 Rumble and as the countdown reached 0 for the next participant, Scott Kaloper shouts out "Bob Backlund!" Backlund was not listed as a participant, nor were there any "mystery entrants." Backlund hadn't been an active wrestler in 3 years. But sure enough, out comes Bob Backlund. All of us in the room went nuts (at least those of us who hadn't clawed our eyes out after seeing Mae Young's saggy tits earlier).

Fortune said...

The fact that I am sure all of this is just coming memories is simply amazing. I wonder how many weekends were sent in Erics room reinacting all the Rumbles with his action figures. Realizing mid-way through that you are missing a guy and making Sue drive you all to Toys R Us.

Mr. F said...

Owen, while I'm proud of you for logging into your daddy's account and posting some of your thoughts, I'd like to encourage you to proof read your posts next time. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and stay out of your dad's picture folders.

Erik said...

ShAWn, in response to your post, I never started a Rumble without knowing exactly what the roster was.

Erik said...

Also, Finn, I'm loving the video clips, however, I have to point out that the top one is from the '91 Rumble, not '90.

Mr. F said...

Sorry Erik. I guess some wounds never heal.

Erik said...

Hey Pete, I don't want to go all Nasty Boyz on ya and ruin your day, but as I remember it after about 15 minutes of Rumble action Scott asked:
"Hey Pete, when's Bob Backlund coming out?"
You: "Ha, I'm not sure he's gonna be in this one Scott."
Then about 5 entrants later Backlund actually came out, and we went wild.

wanamaker said...

ShAWn, in response to your post, I never started a Rumble without knowing exactly what the roster was.