Top 100 Prospects

Here is Keith Law's top 100 prospects for 2009.

Local bad boy Travis Snider is listed at #5. However, I'm more interested with the lad that falls at #7. How was this not discussed at Christmas?

Also, in an interesting note, Triunfel was born in 1990. 1990! Well, unless he's actually 2 years older than he says, which is apparently the rumor.


Mr. F said...

Travis Snider: Saw that. Good for him! The limited interaction we've had him has left me feeling that he's a pretty solid dude. That... and he's Joe Markovich's buddy, which is about as great an endorsement as you can get in my book.

Lars Anderson:

Strike 1 - spells it wrong.
Strike 2 - he's in the Red Sawks org.

He's on thin ice with me.

Fortune said...

After you turn 21 you cant be a "potential star", just a "good prospect"? What life changing event occurs that would make you think this is the case?

Pete said...

Wow. M's have one guy in the top 100. Nice work by the scouting department over the past couple years.