Matt Vasgersian ... Respectable?

During the broadcast of the Fiesta Bowl, Colt McCoy started to audible and announcer Matt Vasgersian commented:

"McCoy, doing his best Matt Hasselbeck, getting in and out of the play."

Now, I'm not really sure that "getting in and out of the play" was exactly what he meant to say, but still I was pretty surprised. I've always kind of disliked Vasgersian, but I've got to say he earned some points here.


Erik said...

Ok, maybe I jumped the gun on this one. Later in the game Texas had the ball down 21-17 with about 1:30 left and Vasgersian said:

"Colt McCoy is certainly the type of quarterback who can lead you to a touchdown, or at least get you into field goal range."


Mr. F said...

Well, I always thought Vagsgersian was a big douche, but either way I'll try and keep an open mind the next time he calls a game. It sounds like the first comment was definitely some MAD PROPS to our boy MH.