This is an actual movie

Now, here at HCM, we've thrown our full support behind movies in the past, (Delgo, anyone?). But I'm not sure I can get behind (pun intended) this next one.

Apparently this is the title of an actual movie coming out: Donkey Punch. Hopefully you're all familiar with the term... well, hopefully you aren't. Anyway.... SERIOUSLY?!?!? A movie?

The premise seems to be a group of sexy young tweens meet and go partying on a yacht. Some Dirty sex occurs and a young woman is accidentally killed by, you guessed it, a donkey punch.

Here's the trailer:


There were a couple of jokes I wanted to make so I'll list them both:

1. This was based on the sad, but true, story of a young women from Montana that asphyxiated during a Glass Bottom Boat.


2. Based on the true story of a man, violently castrated, during a Rusty Trombone.

I'm sure you all can do better... let's hear em.


Fortune said...

I'm not sure I can get past the fact you went to youtube and had the urge to search "donkey punch".

Mr. F said...

Actually... I saw the movie name on Yahoo! Movies and then tried to find the trailer on youtube so I could embed it in the blog... but I'm an idiot and couldn't do it.

However, I did stumble upon an instructional video showing how to perform a donkey punch. I wont link to it though. You guys are on your own for that one.

Erik said...

I saw this trailer in a theater and there was audible laughter when the title appeared. Including one guy behind us that was absolutely losing it.

I half expected the next trailer to be something like:

A weekend trip to Tijuana gone wrong ... Dirty Sanchez.

Fortune said...

I have been watching a lot of news the past week and it sounds like Amanda Knox and Meridith Kercher were in a room with 2 guys when everything went down. Amanda really wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. When Meridith started making fun of her for thinking it was in Italy, she killed her.