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Some of you sports nuts may have a problem with the Lost blog showing up here... you can suck it.

Season 5 of Lost starts next Wednesday, and to get things started I thought I'd post a (giant) list of questions that I still have and would like to have answered within the final two seasons.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! I'm not going to do this anymore. If you're not up to date on Lost then don't read these posts dummies.

Ok, questions I'd like to see answered:

Smoke Monster

What? How? When? Why? Where?

Does it scan people?

Does it inhabit dead bodies, like Christian and Yemi? Cuz both bodies are missing.

Did it scan Juliette like Eko? Or something else?

Can Ben summon smokey?

The Sickness / Vaccine / Quarantine

What’s real, what isn’t?

Nigerian Drug Plane

How’d it get there? Although I think it’ll have something to do with the Island moving now.

Four Toed Statue

Island history? Let’s have some.

Island Time

Did Locke move it in time, location, what? Why do different degrees of arrival equal different time frames? And is it only on the surface of the water? Cuz the plane crashed pretty conveniently in the same time as the Others existed.

The Others

How did they brainwash the tail section passengers to their “cause”?

Were they trying to take Eko? Was he a good person or just a threat?

Why do the Others go from docile family folk into murderous maniacs? Why are the Other’s even there anymore? What do they want to do that’s soooo important?

Why do the important one’s always go on the missions? Ben, Ethan, we know why Goodwin now.

What was there ultimate plan with Claire? (was Juliette on board?)

Why the fake outfits?

Why did Ben try and convince Locke that he didn’t have to push the button, when it’s clear he wanted them to keep doing it?

The Others can’t REALLY believe they are the good guys right? They’re delusional?

Why didn’t they know about Desmond’s boat?

Did they not know the result of not pushing the button?

Why don’t the Others have good medical supplies, ie crash cart?

Why didn’t Ben just leave to get his surgery?

How do they travel to and from the island with ease?

Do they really use the sub to get to and from the island?

How did they get Locke’s dad onto the island? I thought outside comm. Was down?

Why do all the babies on the island die?

How do they know Sawyer killed the shrimp shack guy?

Why did they need Locke to kill his dad?

How does Richard Alpert Age?

What happened to Annie?

Is Mikhail really dead?

Room 23, Brainwashing? Is that how they got the tailies?

Where’d Karl come from?

Who led the Others before Ben?

Horace Goodspeed time loop? He had an Arrow logo? Was the Arrow a mathematics related station? If he said he'd been dead for 12 years, that's when the Purge happened. Danielle's story doesn't add up with that... hmmmm???


Who was on his list and why?

Who is he?, etc

How did he cure Rachel’s cancer, or was it all bullshit?

What’s with the moving cabin?

What’s with the ring of dirt/ash/dust around the cabin?

How is his cabin warping around the island?

Why is Christian Shepard hanging out in it?

Why use a cabin that Horace Goodspeed built?

The Dharma Initiative:

Why are the Dharma Drops still coming?

Who’s in charge now?

Why Lockdowns?

Kelvin Inman, when was he recruited, must’ve been just before the purge.

Swan Station

Most stuff won’t get answered

What was the incident?


Arrow Station

What was it for?

The trunk: Army knife, Glass Eye, Film Piece

The Staff Station

Escape hatch?

The Pearl Station:

What happened to the place where the tubes land?

Why lie about the insignificance of the Swan hatch?

Other Characters:


mental hospital

Husband David


Blastdoor map… also, why’d he edit the movie.

Charles Widmore

Did he really fake the plane crash? Or was it Ben?

How does he really know about the island?

How’d he get the DI knowledge?

What rules were changed when Widmore killed Alex?

Why can't Ben kill Widmore? Vice versa?

Why is Widmore having nightmares?

Why won't Ben be able to find Penny?

Penny Widmore

Still not sure how she knew to look for the magnetic anomalies… but this one might belong in the other category of questions that won’t get answered.

Matthew Abadon

Who the hell is he?


- Is she dead?


Why is Faraday so broken up about the 815 flight being found?

Bad Memory?

How can Desmond be his constant, I thought you couldn’t alter the future, or whatever?

How does Faraday know so much about the DI?


Was she born on the island?

How’d she leave?


How can he talk to dead people?

Why did he want 3.2 million dollars?


Is Jin dead?


Is what he and Minkowski experienced the Sickness?

Do you need to travel on specific coordinates?

Did Desmond lie about his last Charlie vision?

How did the Hatch explosion let Desmond sort of float through time? How can he see the future?

Time lady, how does she fit in?

Christian Shepherd

How is he “alive”?

Why is he Jacob’s mouthpiece?


- There are all sorts of holes in her story…

Adam and Eve

Black and White Stones

Who are they?

Richard Alpert

What's with the items Richard shows to Locke?

How is an ageless Richard traveling all over the world?

Walt’s special-ness

Birds fly into windows.

Rain Stopped

Always wins at backgammon

Told Locke not to open the hatch

Told Michael he had to leave

Shows up soaking wet in places

Kept showing up to Shannon

Sort of led Shannon to her death

Questions from the finale:

How does the donkey wheel export you?
WHy Boone, Charlie, and Libby?
What was Sawyer's favor?
Charlotte, born on the island?
WHy would Miles want to stay?
Sun: Who does she blame for Jin's death besides her father? Jack? Also how would any of that make sense to her father, since the cover story just had them craching adn that's it? How did Sun afford to purchase her father's company? What are her plans with Charles Widmore?
WHy is Hurley seeing dead people? Jack too? Island messenger?
Who is Claire saying not to bring back in Kate's dream? Aaron?
How'd Locke make it off the island?
What terrible things happened that forced Locke to leave?
Who does Ben mean, when he says EVERYONE needs to comeback? Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, Aaron, Locke, Ben? Lapidus? Desmond? Walt? Ji Yeon?

OK! Anybody got any answers? Have I missed anything?

Also... no future spoilers on here. I'm not reading them. Don't ruin the show for me or I will, how do I put this, kill you.

Enjoy the premier on Wednesday, and I'll try and have my recap on either that night or tomorrow morning.


Pete said...

All valid questions. I have one for Sean. What do think Dave has planned for Mike?

Fortune said...

I dont get it either. I think this post could use a few more !--[if !supportLists]---!--[endif--s" It's pretty easy to read in some parts.

Mr. F said...

Sorry about hte original format of the post (I think I fixed it). I guess I was just excited to provide some content to the the blog. I really shit my pants on that one.

Mr. F said...

Also... I apologize about the length. I can't figure out how to do just a little piece of the post and then a link to the rest of it. I think in the future We'll just post a bit in the opening, and the rest in the comments section?. (Wanamaker's idea) Unless anyone else can up with something better?

- ajdlkajdkla
- adada

Pete said...

Well, nobody tells me what I can't do.

It was just a joke bro. I'm pretty pumped for the start of Lost. I would like to see more island history probably over anything else.

The whole "constant" thing needs to be explained a little more.

I don't have any answers for you. Maybe after the premiere I'll some good input.

Christina said...

"How did Sun afford to purchase her father's company?"

Maybe the returnees got a payout?- I mean Kate and Aaron's house is a bit posh for a runaway criminal.

I agree with you on all questions Finn. I think there was one big one though missing.

How in the Hell did Ben MOVE THE ISLAND???

Looking forward to your blog again this year Finn.

Mr. F said...

Yeah I guess it's the payout she used... but that's pretty unreasonable. There's no way an airline could afford to payout the kind of money needed to take over controlling interest of a company the size of Paik Industries.

And yes, Ben moving the island is a bit of a mystery, isn't it. Oops.

wanamaker said...

Well, nobody tells me what I can't do.

It was just a joke bro. I'm pretty pumped for the start of Lost. I would like to see more island history probably over anything else.

The whole "constant" thing needs to be explained a little more.

I don't have any answers for you. Maybe after the premiere I'll some good input.