Horrible people

Take a look at this story:


What a group of despicable human beings. The coach should be fired, and these girls should be ashamed of themselves. How do you lose by 100?

I'm kidding.

Obviously I'm directing my comments towards the winning team. What an awful collection of people.


Erik said...

When you have the chance to hang a hundred you don't back off.

Mr. F said...

I sense much fear in you.

Fortune said...

How big of a fine do you expect Mark Cuban to get after hosting 12 short attention spanned high school girls in his private suite?

jimi said...

no, i agree finn. how do you get beat by 100? your telling me in a 32 minute game someone didn't accidentally throw the ball in the hoop? and i say throw on purpose. when you get beat by 100 nobody on that team is shooting it.