10 years... my god... where has it all gone?

It's time for one of HCM's favorite traditions:

Best of the Decade!

And just like always, we need your help...

Let's come up with a variety of topics to vote on (I know how much you clowns like intercative polls with bells and whistles to distract you from your pathetic little non-blogging lives).

Suggestions (Easy ones):

Favorite Mariner

Favorite Sonic

Favorite Seahawk

Favorite Cougar

Favorite Husky Disgrace

the list can go on and on... and it WILL!

Those are just a few we'll be doing... but any reasonable suggestions will be added to the list. Come up with the category and the Party Hosts will put together your voting options.

Let's get this started sooner rather than later! Post away Mustacheers! Whoa SLOW DOWN!!! Not all at once you maniacs!


Pete said...

I'd like to see Best Single Game Performance and Best Game (for each team).

jimi said...

I'd like to see Favorite Number. Mine would be 30

Pervitron 3000 said...

Best HCM Poll (a "meta" poll about polls).