Cougs get screwed

Anyone lucky enough to get OSN (Oregon University's network, i dunno... it's top notch stuff by the way, I'm excited to watch their Rose Bowl Recap live from Padadena) just saw the Cougs get royally screwed.

We... yeah WE, I went to school there. WE just got absolutely dicked over by some inept referees on a judgement call. Casto won the game with a lay in. .3 seconds left. I celebrate much like the Cougs. Only the refs call a technical foul for a kid who jumped a little too high off the bench and onto the court. Imagine my surprise when I saw Tajuan "I don't miss threes and have 19 years of eligibility" Porter calmly step to the line and tie the game with free throws. (See I turned the volume off because I was tired of listening to the two homer shit heads who were trying to call the game).

We end up losing in Double OT.

It was the worst officiating move I'd seen since the Superbowl.

I'm still shaking with rage. Actually hard to type. And this is about 30 minutes after the event. I don't think I should watch sports anymore.

Be forewarned. If you attempt to talk "smack" on this thread about this situation, be prepared to fight me the next time you see me.

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