I was speaking with some friends (I can't remember who) about Avatar, James Cameron's new holiday blockbuster. One funny chap made a joke about how it's just a bunch of our Yahoo! Fantasy Football characters (see the sports connection? We're a sports blog!) fighting it out (so if you made the joke take credit... it was funny). It got me thinking about the movie a little bit though.

Seems really familiar (South Park slams aside). I mean two different races/cultures battling it out over ruling a planet. The film itself relies HEAVILY on AMAZING CGI and computer animation. It all seems so familiar...

Where have I seen this before?

Oh... my... god...


Jimmy Cameron ripped off Delgo! He saw the market was unfulfilled by last years movie (would be) king... and struck! What a jerk.

The Delgo creator is gonna be kicking himself... I mean this is EXACTLY what would have happened with a marketing budget!!! (I'm assuming the movie will end up making a few hundred mil)

Anyway... Delgo... we know the truth. And we'll never forget!


Erik said...

I believe Delgo's "Creator" that you referred to is actually named Mark F. Adler. I will now go double-check that to determine whether or not I should re-evaluate my life for knowing the name of the guy who made Delgo.

Erik said...

Ok, his name is actually MarC F. Adler. Phew, now I can continue this way of life.