Jim Mora SUPER tough Guy

Another Jim Mora rant! Yay.

I'm getting real tired of Jim, (gonna drain his heat HHH style).

Questioning the Seahawks toughness? Probably warranted, cuz I haven't seen a lot of heart on this team either... other than MH of course. But Jim's act is getting real old.

What has he EVER done as a head coach? Falcons had one shining moment, but they ultimately sucked... and now this year is just pathetic.

I also really enjoy Jim's strategy of calling out his team the week before they play the worst teams in the league (Detroit last time, Tampa Bay this week). That way when we (hopefully) kick some ass against an (again... hopefully) inferior team, he looks like a motivational mastermind!!!! Nice try Jim. I don't buy it.

Me thinks, Jim has gotten by a little too much on his daddy's reputation. Maybe trying to get a little of that classic Jim Mora, Sr. press conference heat. So... Jim, JR... I've watched press conferences by Jim Mora, Sr. I've enjoyed press conferences from Jim Mora, Sr. You sir are no Jim Mora, Sr.

At least this time Jim called out an O-Lineman and not our kicker. Cuz calling out a kicker wouldn't be very TOUGH would it Jim.


Bad babysitting... oh sorry.

Fire Jim Mora. I dislike him.

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Fortune said...

Mr F, you took the words right out of my mouth. I would like to tell Mora its been a good run, but it hasn't. I look forward to our next GM's introductory press conference when he says his 1st order of business is firing the loser head coach. All he has done since he got here is made our team worse.