The McRib has returned to Southern California. This event may or may not result in me having to enter the 2010 Weight Loss Challenge. Speaking of challenges, are we still looking for someone to eat 5? If so, I feel up to the task. I just downed 2 in the span of about 5 minutes and feel like I could certainly go for more. I will state right now, however, that I will not eat pickles on any of the McRibs, if this violates the challenge then I guess I'll forfeit. (or I could just get extra onions to compensate)

Sidenote: They cost $2.60. That seems a little higher than normal. It comes out to about $15 with tax for 5 of them. A small price to pay for immortality I suppose.

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Mr. F said...

Dear god it looks delicious.

I don't care about the pickles. Go for it. And just so you and the rest of HCM nation knows... I could have ate more than 4... but I didn't need to.

Please... don't let it come back to Seattle. Oh god.