Felix Contract

According to Jon Heyman, who just appeared on MLB Network, Felix's agent has asked for a new contract that is 6 years for $100 million. I think that's fairly reasonable and that the M's should probably go for it. Of course, this will probably result in Felix getting very complacent, gaining 40 lbs. and declining sharply over the next few years. Either way we're gonna have a little fun right!?

Anyway, what do you guys think about that offer?


Erik said...

He also says that we could get Edwin Jackson from the Tigers for Morrow and Shawn Kelley. So obviously now he's just spreading goof rumors.

Fortune said...

Even if they are numbers someone made up, I would say 6/100 is a steal. Get it done, and bring back Mike Cameron while you're at it.

Mr. F said...

Fortune... this will sort of infringe on our tradition... but we wait until the roster is constructed before we map out our road to the series.

Get the Felix deal done.
Sign Lackey.
Sign Harden.
Sign Cameron.
Sign Branyan.
Get days of in October for World Series victory parade.

Erik said...

Apparently the M's have countered with 4 years for $50 million. Way to play hard ball guys! Don't give this guy an inch, he's only the best player we have.